Me & Margot: Honeywell Biscuit Co Christmas Collaboration

I have been a partner of Not On The High Street for nine wonderful years now and I feel incredibly lucky to be supported by them. They have opened me up to so many wonderful opportunities and this Christmas is no different. They are launching a Partner to Partner scheme, whereby they team up two of their small independent businesses, to work together to create a new product. I thought this was a genius idea because they house so many talented creatives, with niche skills that when you bring these forces together the opportunities to create new and wonderful things are endless.

Bryony Fripp Illustartion_ Night Before Christmas .jpg

This year I made a wish list of things I wanted to achieve and one of them was to expand my food portfolio by working with yummy brands. I have a real sweet tooth and am naturally drawn to cakes, chocolate and biscuits, so when I found out that Not On The High Street had partnered me with Honeywell Biscuit Co I was so excited, not only are they delicious but I really admire their branding and ability to create edible masterpieces. If you are yet to discover these tasty biscuit makers, check them out, my personal faves are the idea behind their ‘Novelty Socks’ and ‘Breakfast in Bed’ biscuits, but actually everything they make is wonderful.

Being just me and Margot in the studio, it can get a little lonely sometimes, so for me the most exciting thing about this collaboration was that I got to work with another creative and it is a bonus that it is someone that I really respected. I enjoyed bouncing ideas off each other and over coming the challenge of fusing our brands together, although our styles complimented, we are also very distinctive so it was important to create an end product that was not only beautiful but a balanced representation of us both.

At a time where we are really reflecting on our planet and how we can do more to look after it, we decided that our main objective was to create a precious gift that was recyclable. This is when we came up with the idea to focus on the jar as well as the biscuits, creating something that people would want to reuse each Christmas, so I created a bespoke illustration to wrap around the glass. Our whole product was inspired by santa’s journey, so the product was aptly named the ‘Night Before Christmas' Biscuit Jar,’ it was so fun doodling everything from him coming down the chimney to what he likes to drink, to delivering presents, I am really proud of the final product.

Bryony Fripp Illustartion_ Night Before Christmas_Wrap.jpg

Sadly the biscuits are not gluten free but I have been informed from trusted sources that they taste as good as they look and this xmas I will make sure that I have a jar or two for guests as even if I can’t eat them the joy of seeing others enjoy makes me really happy.

You can get your hands on your own ‘Night Before Christmas’ jar via Not On The High Street, available now, they make the perfect festive gift.

I enjoyed this collaborative journey and would definitely like to do more, so if you are a brand or individual with ideas drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

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