Culture Corner: A Night With Dolly Alderton & Sara Tasker

Being a one woman band business I feel it is important to enrich both my personal and work life with the inspiration, knowledge and support of other creatives within the industry, be that through a podcast, book or exhibition, to keep myself, business and work growing.

In honour of International Women’s Day it seemed only apt that this month’s source of inspiration were to come from two ultimate boss women that I admire very much, Sara Tasker and Dolly Alderton. I was lucky enough to be invited along to their ‘Hashtag Authentic’ an evening with, where over the hour they pondered all things social media, modern careers and using the internet as a springboard to help make creative dreams a reality.

If you are yet to stumble across Sara Tasker and Dolly Alderton I highly recommend that you do so!

The evenings discussion centred around success and how we should not be afraid from celebrating it and not be shying away from what we work hard for. People wanting to share their successes is so important to my business, I rely on clients old and new wanting to celebrate personal achievements and milestones. When a brief comes through for a ‘New Born Baby’ or ‘1st Anniversary’ print I can’t help but smile and get pleasure out of illustrating these accomplishments. I then got thinking about how I celebrate my own success particularly within work. After the ladies delved a lot deeper into the world of social media I realised my answer was instagram. I use the social channel to showcase my works and achievements and it is a powerful tool that I am grateful is helping to keep my creative dreams a reality.

The night was throughly inspiring and very entertaining trust me when I say you need to visit Dolly’s twitter page for the best one liner, laugh out loud tweets! I also learnt that you cannot take negative reviews to heart, a vulnerability hangover is the perfect way to describe the feelings you experience the day a night on the town and Mirabeau Rose is one beautifully drinkable wine!

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