Me & Margot: My Top Five Cards

Today I am celebrating 32 years on this earth. Receiving a card means everything to me and I have been lucky enough to be sent some gorgeous ones this year. Whilst popping them up round my living room it got me thinking back to some of the card collections I have created so I went back through my archive and picked out my top 5 to share with you.

“Love The Little Things Collection”

I love drawing food especially delicious cakes so I had to include this one. I ate a lot of cake as inspiration whilst drawing this card!

Bryony_Fripp_Illustrator_Birthday Card.jpg


When a brief comes through where I get to experiment with different textures and materials I get really excited, using gold foil is a personal fav.

Bryony_Fripp_Illustrator_UKG CC heart WITH LOVE.jpg

“Dream Little Dreams”

I love the words on this card. To me sending a card shows someone just how much you care and it doesn’t always have to be for a special occasion it can be just because.

Bryony_Fripp_Illustrator_Perfect Friend Card.jpg

“Love The Little Things Collection”

Simplicity is key sometimes, I love this card so much that I sent to my own mum on her birthday this year.

Bryony_Fripp_Illustrator_Mum Birthday Card.jpg

“Six Tea”

This is a particularly special card, I created it as a one-off for the queen to celebrate her jubilee on behalf of UKGreetings.

Bryony_Fripp_Illustrator_Queen Jubilee Card.jpg

If you like what you see you can find my cards in Paperchase, Sainsbury’s and WHSmith.