Culture Corner: Love Is In The Air

This month I have surrounded myself with all things love. Like the rest of the nation, I have been hooked by Love Island, I am team Ovie all the way and am not quite sure what I'll do at 9pm each night after it ends next week - any tips to get past this grieving period are very much welcomed! I’ve been listening to Deliciously Ella’s podcast ‘Who, Why & How We Love' with Laura Mucha and I launched ‘Love Stories’ the latest addition to my illustrated map collection.

I have also been reading Dr Gary Chapman’s ‘The 5 Love Languages,’ a guide to identifying, understanding and speaking love languages. 

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know there was one let alone five, so wanted to share some of what I learnt. 

The five languages of love are:

Physical touch

Words of affirmation

Quality time

Acts of service. 

Receiving gifts

It was such an interesting read, learning how each individual speaks a different language, I discovered that I'm special and have a bilingual love language as I speak both physical touch and words of affirmation. It also delves into the difference between the obsession of the natural high ‘in love’ you experience within the first two years of a relationship (also known as the honeymoon period) compared to the emotional need to feel loved and the wish for security, self-worth and significance, after this time.

A lot of what the book covers seems simple, but it’s not until someone else points things out that you think of course I should be doing that, for example it suggestions that you should try and give your loved one a compliment a day. Everyone loves a compliment, it makes you feel so good about yourself, especially coming from someone closest to you. The book also talks about acts of kindness and how we should make a list of four small things that you’d like each other to do, to show how much you love. We all want our partners to be mind readers but lets face it, no one is, so setting out intentions makes for a happier relationship.

As well as reading the book, I also recommend taking their 5 Languages of Love Test - don’t panic it's nothing to do with compatibility, I found the results helped to spark great and positive conversations perfect for a date night.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been re-working my portfolio and it highlighted that a lot of my work is inspired by love, my personalised wedding and anniversary illustrations, even my Egg & Solider print, so having a deeper understanding of the emotion, makes each individual art piece that bit more meaningful.